Grepolisbot expansion - Lich King
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(This is not the bot, this is just an expansion)

Reminder: There will be no future new expansions besides Loyal King and Lich King , all future new content will be either released on Wise Expansion ( for free),  Loyal King or Lich King.

Lich King  Expansion
[Image: lichkingexpansion.png]
This expansion currently contains:
-Dead Raiser ( Auto-Remake your lost troops)

-Curse Lord ( Auto-EarthQuake and Lightning )

-This expansion is subect to new content beeing added.

(usable only if you have an active bot subscription)
(this price may change in the future)

Some features require captain and / or administrator .

sales are open

Order Price: 52$ /Year
[Image: buy.png]

Remember to check out our tutorial to learn how to use it by clicking here

If you're having issues to purchase, feel free to contact us.

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