[SOLVED] Problemas con Lich King
Muy buenas , esta mañana incorpore a mi Bot las expansiones Lich King , pero tengo un problema con el Dead Raiser. En el unit management, me deberia salir una ventana con diferentes opciones, como dice el manual:
[Image: deadraiser_explained.png]

pero a mi no me sale nada de esto , sino un mensaje en Azul que dice:

" Unselected All "

Lo estoy usando con Chrome. ¿que pasa?, sino me funciona bien ¿puedo anular la operación de compra?, fue hecha con Paypal
No , we do not offer refund as its is against our terms of service and requesting will result in permanent account termination.

you need to click configure , and You MUST USE CITY GROUPS from the game thats why you do not seee your cities if you have any issues please contact us through discord so we can assist you with teamviewer if needed .

Im sorry i do not speak spanish properly if you still cannot understand contact us through discord or Facebook for private assistance.

Please read the product documentation its explained there if you do not skip text.

The problem I have is that I do not see " configuration", I only see "unselect all"
As i Said and i Will say it again . YOU MUST configure city groups on the game to see your cities. Create a city group with administrator and organize your cities and then refresh your game and the unit manager Will detect your city groups and you will see your cities.

Or simply contact us privately with facebook or discord for remote assistance and i will show it to you, its quite simple .

edit: You have been contacted through facebook please continue the conversation there or leave a reply, otherwise the problem will be considered solved.
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