[SOLVED] Dead Raiser Troop Setting.
[Image: E5J6md.png]

Is their a more detailed guide on how to setup Dead Raiser Troops in queue. I feel like I am doing something wrong. I have troops set, but Dead Raiser is making more troops than I put in the perfect state.
yes you are doing it 100% incorrectly. You do not setup the orders manually, its automatic, plus you are adding orders incorrectly even if you didnt have dead raiser its still incorrect, thats not how you setup orders manually, and using the dead raiser it sets up the orders for you. You need to follow the dead raiser guide properly.


I also link the auto-recruiter tutorial since apparently you also do not know how it works. (even tough you do not need to set it up manually as you have Lich King, i think its important to know how it works )

Thank you. The manti picture is what threw me off. Smile
(01-28-2019, 08:24 PM)stephon218 Wrote: Thank you. The manti picture is what threw me off. Smile

No problem :Smile  if you have any question feel free to create  a new topic or contact one of our moderators through discord.

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