New Alternative AutoTrader (v14.1)
Alternative Trader - Available for everyone with a normal subscription.

 To use a safer version of the trader, use the alternative trader instead.

Its less efficient but definately safer since it simulates longer times between each trade and other safety standards aswell. It also works as a "priority" action, since it blocks your screen while starting the trades. 

Its pretty much as easy to use as the auto-trader with a few differences.
Consumer minimum values: 1000,1000,1000, if you put a value bellow 1000 it becomes 0.

Remember its still in beta, and beeing tested. (It will become stable with the time, and then it should be considered a safe option to pick over the default trader. )

Another advantage of using this trader is that it is independent of the base script, which means it doesnt slow down with the number of orders you might have.

Obviously you cannot run it at the same time as: Default Auto-Trader, DeadRaiser or Master Of Coin. 
[Image: FvPm56g.png]

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