Warning GRCRTools
Hi, after investigating i've noticed this particular script GRCRTools (Grepolis Report Converter) disappeared from the Wiki of "Approved" scripts of the official wiki's (some countries only), i've also been investigating it and this tool indeed sends 7 actions in the same second to the game server when scanning for cities, i dont know if this is new or not, but it might indeed cause your account to be blocked for "illegal" scripts.

If this update was "recent" that might be the reason that its beeing removed from the approved lists. 

Even though it did not disappear from some wikis like EN, it has disapeared from PT and BR. We currently do not modify external scripts to make them undetectable, perhaps we will workout a solution in the future.

Right now i do not confirm or deny that it is or not safe to use. Use at your own risk.

This message is just a warning since we cannot be 100% sure its safe or not, as we do not endorse other scripts besides the CrigLBot.

How to disable Grepolis Report Converter?

[Image: download-1.png]

(script url https://www.grcrt.net/ )

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