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Only an administrator can ask to verify your identity, a moderator never will ask you for your identification or any information.

Discord Contacts (Live - Quicker Support)

Administrator (billing and technical issues or general questions if no other moderator is available): Discord:egzodius (no longer needs the #0001 ) ( PT / EN / ES )
You can also contact us through our forums

Email Contact

For custom scripts for other apps / games or any other request / report contact:
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

*Can i use the same serial in multiple worlds? - You can use the same serial for multiple worlds of the same game account. Each game account requires a different serial number, if you have more then 1 game account, make more then 1 CrigL accounts and use different serial numbers. If you are using the same account for multiple worlds then yes you can use it.

*Im getting a firewall error what do i do? - You cannot use the same serial number for more then one game account, if you used our bot before, please use your old account or contact us for account recovery. If you have never used our bot before simply make a new CrigL account and use a new serial.

*I'm not getting a response in the chat, what do i do? - Maybe read what this page says, leave your email in the chat box so we can contact you, or add us on discord and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Discord has priority. You can also contact us through facebook.

You may also want to check out our official manual