Grepolisbot Expansion - Loyal King
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(This is not the bot, this is just an expansion)
Reminder: There will be no future new expansions besides Loyal King and Lich King , all future new content will be either released on Wise Expansion ( for free),  Loyal King or Lich King.
Loyal King is now open!
[Image: loyalkingexpansion.png]
This expansion currently contains:
-Master Of Coin ( Balance your city resources with a single click )

-Blessing Priest ( Auto-City Protection )

-Auto-Inventory ( Schedule the bot to use an inventory item at a certain time)
- (NEW ) Stalker Addon ( get notified when you're target goes inactive or comes back from inactivity )

-This expansion is subject to new content beeing added.

(usable only if you have an active bot subscription)
(this price may change in the future)

Some features require captain and / or administrator .

Open for purchase

Order Price:  40$ / year 
[Image: buy.png]

If you're having issues to purchase, or an error occurs, feel free to contact us. We will reply in up to 24-48 hours.
When will these expansions be available for purchase again?
Is it not possible to try the expansion for a week or a month?
(12-26-2018, 11:20 AM)Papy-one Wrote: Is it not possible to try the expansion for a week or a month?

currently it is not, might be in the future but thats not decided for a near future

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