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Quick Help FAQ

You can feel safe with your purchase when buying a product from us.

Our system is automated and it will process your order automatically and bring you the serial key instantly

If for some reason we have an issue processing your order, you have nothing to worry about, just contact us via the online support or through the forums. We will contact you as soon as possible and your order is safe.

We do not refund any product unless there are special conditions to do so. Such as:

If the product is discontinued during your membership, you will only pay for what you have used. (Promotions are not taken in consideration) If we have a server outage we will most likely compensate you for the downtime of a service.

Sharing your account or serial is NOT allowed.

You are not allowed to share your products Serial Keys, we have a system which will detect,flag and ban shared serial numbers (no refund).

We have an anti serial leaking system and overusage of a serial number (using it in multiple pcs) may lock your serial number down for 24 hours everytime you trigger it.

You are responsible for your account safety and how safe your serial number is. You should keep your account safe.

If someone stole your serial number you can request a new one, and our support may decide to change it or not.