by stephon218 at 01-28-2019, 03:16 PM
[Image: E5J6md.png]

Is their a more detailed guide on how to setup Dead Raiser Troops in queue. I feel like I am doing something wrong. I have troops set, but Dead Raiser is making more troops than I put in the perfect state.
by guaitjauses at 12-22-2018, 11:13 AM
Muy buenas , esta mañana incorpore a mi Bot las expansiones Lich King , pero tengo un problema con el Dead Raiser. En el unit management, me deberia salir una ventana con diferentes opciones, como dice el manual:
[Image: deadraiser_explained.png]

pero a mi no me sale nada de esto , sino un mensaje en Azul que dice:

" Unselected All "

Lo estoy usando con Chrome. ¿que pasa?, sino me funciona bien ¿puedo anular la operación de compra?, fue hecha con Paypal
by eagle35 at 12-20-2018, 08:28 PM
Como evito que o bot faça refresh á meia noite? Essa opção não está selecionada mas continua a fazer refresh e para mim isso é um padrão que não pretendo ter. Não vejo forma de a desativar.
by burzum at 10-20-2018, 09:48 PM
sorry if i wrote to the wrong place..
i have 10 cities in one island..i want to take the resources from the bot only to 1 city...can i do that?thanks
by guaitjauses at 10-16-2018, 12:39 PM
Muy buenas, estoy teniendo problemas con paypal, por lo que me gustaría realizar el pago del próximo mes, se me acaba el 18/10/2018, por medio de ingreso directo en cuenta, o pago con tarjeta, directo.

No puedo hacerlo ni por paypal ni por safecard.
by Egzodius at 10-12-2018, 07:41 PM
The bot has been updated.

For more information click here
by Egzodius at 10-12-2018, 02:21 AM
[Image: lichkingexpansion.png]
Lich King Information click here

All future addons will be either added to Wise (free expansion), Loyal King, Lich King.

On day 13/10/2018 within 20:00-03:00 GMT+0 v14.0 will be released, the server might have to go offline for 1-20minutes.

Loyal King Updates:
 *(NEW) Addon - Blessing Priest - Cast city protection upon your allies automatically
*Master of Coin Update - ETB update - Its now possible to make it less efficient at doing maths to make it more humanly. (optional checkbox)
*Master Of Coin Update - You can now set the bot to auto-balance every x hours. (also randomized)
*Master Of Coin Security update - ETB  delay increased and randomized
*Master Of Coin security update - now the trade algorithm shuffles the order of the trading events.

New Expansion! - Lich King
*(NEW) Dead Raiser - It is now possible to set your bot to auto-remake your troops, it auto-programs all the city orders and it also has a built in new trade system, it also moves your hero aristotles across the cities. (new heros will be supported in the future)
DeadRaiser Addon includes:
> Auto-Hero Mover
>Auto-Setup Orders
>New Auto-Trading System (also shuffles trade order events)

Lich King is beeing tested so use at your own risk. It is beeing tested for the next days and if it is bug free, sales might open aswell as security assured. (Currently only people who previously purchased loyal king will have access)

Global changes -
*New security checkboxes to randomize the bot behaviour, for farming, attacking, dodging and cave iron storing.
*New option for the Recruiter, "Require Hero" , if you want you can now program the bot in a way that it doesnt recruit unless the specified hero is in the city. (Aristotle, more in the future)
Note: The bot doesnt auto-move the hero, to do that you need to own the Lich King Expansion and its built into dead-raiser not a standalone toggler.
*Account Guardian update- now the setting saves on our server. Also we removed the execute button and added a url to the safe settings thread instead.
*Curse Lord has been moved to Lich King.
*Curse Lord bugfix, where it wasnt updating the favours on the city.
GodLike button is now hidden, since people kept asking about what it was, and its content will be permanently unreleased and private so it made no sense to make it visible.

Everyone who bought Loyal King in the past will receive permanent access to it. From now on the loyal king is priced yearly.
Everyone who bought Loyal King will receive the Lich King expansion for free (1 year), it is also priced Yearly.
by Egzodius at 10-11-2018, 04:37 PM
The server is beeing prepared for v14. Interruptions may occur.
by Egzodius at 10-11-2018, 03:13 AM
Moderator applications are now open.
Are you interested in helping with the project?

stand by for v14. news, comming soon.
by PMPE at 10-05-2018, 10:32 PM
O CrigL Guardian Firewall bloqueou esta conexão. (código de erro xvet33445)
o meu esta dando esse erro, o que faço ?
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