New GrepolisBot - EgzMod
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New bot engine (BETA - beeing test) 
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Hi, im proud to announce our newest release, which is still beta, but it is now open beta (so bugs are expected).

On the last month i've been working on this new project which is a new bot, not yet as complete as CrigL but its much safer then CrigL and any other bot, when it comes to future-proof anti bot detection methods.  However i will keep both bots updated. However i will first remake CrigL in EgzMod before adding new content.

Security is the priority
security over performance

With CrigL or any other bot, the developper needs to quickly patch the bot as soon as a new security measure is introduced, even though its rare to happen in Grepolis, i have decided to work on a project that could be future proof, against most methods to detect bots. Sooner or later tampermonkey scripts will be deprecated in terms of botting, this bot is developped in C# with a totally  new engine made from scratch.

Currently the bot is in a beta stage, and im still working on the core modules.

It currently has: Auto-Sleep, Auto-Farm, Auto-Recruiter, Builder, Culture, Auto-Cave, Auto-Trader, AutoLoader.

Bugs are expected since this project is just 1 month old, but i will make sure it gets fixed before going out of the beta stage.

Currently under development: Commander & Dodger.

Why is this bot different than CrigL and the other bots on the market?

If you test it yourself, you will noticed it replicates most human behaviour instead of directly injecting and modifying the game "in the background", which is much safer and detectionProof. (besides the obvious activity that must not be over-active, obviously)

It also simulates the human input.

So currently the most secure bot is definately Egzmod, and the most complete is CrigL in terms of content.

I will keep both bots updated, but new content will only be added to EgzMod.

You can test it out for free for 7 days, and keep in touch in our official discord. And feel free to purchase if you wish to support the project, or simply keep an eye at our discord if you decide to move on.

Should i move to the new bot or stay with CrigL?

Well this is how you decide: Do you want to be sure you stay safe and to be much harder to get banned? move to EgzMod, if you wish to have the most compleete content keep CrigL. Sooner or later EgzMod will have the same content as CrigL, but in less efficient way to be sure it remains safe. If you move to the new bot, be sure to stay on discord and report any bugs directly.

For more information:
Our Discord:

Oh and i forgot to mention EgzMod will be exclusive to a limited number of licenses, independently of which country server it was purchased. The previous idea of CrigL was moved to EgzMod. And its price might flutuate at any time.

Transfering from CrigL to EgzMod
At the end of the beta stage, i will allow subscriptions to be transfered ONLY, if the user owns at least 1 expansion. Everyone else must make a new subscription if they wish to use EgzMod. Using EgzMod is optional, CrigL will be available normally.
(crigl expansion owners have a 1time reserved slot at EgzMod even if the licenses are full )

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