EgzMod v0.9 bot release
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EgzMod v0.9b
The 0.9b version of our latest bot has been released, the main focus of this new bot is to be safer than any other in the market including CrigL since it uses a different mechanism than any other bot, i will not go into detail for obvious reasons. Here is the list that it currently supports:

*Dodger (alpha testing)

And a few more, give it a try for free at
get a 7 days free trial

[b]Security is the priority

security over performance

With CrigL or any other bot, the developper needs to quickly patch the bot as soon as a new security measure is introduced, even though its rare to happen in Grepolis, i have decided to work on a project that could be future proof, against most methods to detect bots. Sooner or later tampermonkey scripts will be deprecated in terms of botting, this bot is developped in C# with a totally  new engine made from scratch.

Transfering from CrigL to Egzmod:
Only people with at least one expansion can transfer his subscription time to EgzMod, however this is optional. We will keep CrigL running and updated however new content will be focused on Egzmod (purchases done more than 3 days ago).

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