Terms Of Service - Agreement
These terms of service are applied to all of our products/services.

By making a purchase or/and by continuing to use any of our paid and/or free products/services you agree with the following terms of service:
-To refuse the agreement with us upon your first acceptance you must allow up to 160days for us to terminate all the services attached/unattached to your account including your account termination.
-We do not give refunds and we reserve the right to compensate the users if we intend to.
-Asking for a refund may result in a permanent ban / punishment / product lenght reduced or expiration.
-We reserve the right to terminate your account without prior notice, under any circunstances, the termination of your account represents the end of your agreement with the terms of service provided in this page.
-It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated about the Terms of Service.
-You are not allowed to share your account/serialnumber or means for another person to use a product you have purchased here, and your service shall be terminated upon detection.
-We reserve the right to collect any personal information and provide it to third party agents if legally requested.
-You are responsible for your account security
-Expansions / Subscription time are non transferable goods. However in case of accident the subscription may be transfered to another account, but it relies upon the administration decision.

latest update 13/10/2018

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